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The 4escape series of websites, which is currently being developed, is dedicated to providing information which can help you meet with new opportunities. Its aim is to support those who are looking for a positive change in their life covering topics around new and exciting opportunities in business, investing, life-style and much more. The first of the series is dedicated to the New Iraqi Dinar and its investing potential. The Iraqi Dinar topic was given priority as it is an opportunity that exists right NOW and might not be around for very long.

My name is Chrissi Theodorakakos and I'm the owner of this website. After achieving a master's degree in science, I worked for some major companies as an analyst and consultant. Once I became a mother I realised how hard it is to balance time between family and career. My solution? To become an infopreneur with the flexibility of working from any place, any time, writing about subjects that people want to know about. The system I chose to help me through the process of becoming an infopreneur is called Site Built It! and if you wish to know more about it click on the link below.

Find more about SBI software tools through the 4escape series

owner of 4escape series

Before the concept of 4escape series was formed I spent months accumulating interesting information through reading, discussions and research. I then realised that there is only one thing that people need in order to begin driving their lives into the right direction. It is knowledge, information and awareness of what opportunities exist around us. Once we have this we can leverage it and begin to make a difference.

This site aims to show where you can find this leverage by providing useful and FREE information about where opportunities exist so you can look further. Each topic covered in the 4escape series is analysed to a certain degree covering both positive and negative aspects of it. It exists to make you think of what is appropriate for you rather than persuade you to follow certain directions.

And one more thing! As all this information is provided to you for FREE I would like to invite you to look at the work I have been doing to support children in need around the world. In Tokyo-Japan, I run a group called Dancing4Kids which promotes intercultural understanding though dance, music and art and at the same time supports disadvantaged children. The work I do has recently been published in Japan's No 1 English magazine and I would appreciate it if you took sometime to read more about us and support us in any way that you can. Click on our logo below to find out more.

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Thank you for your time!!!

I dedicate this site to those who are looking.. and haven't found yet, to those who believe that striving to do something for yourself is not an act of selfishness but an act of responsibility towards yourself and those who surround you. ..And for this, I also dedicate this site to my family because they are the reason I feel positive and strong towards life and everything that it has to offer.

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