The New Dinar Account - a chance to make more money on your dinars?

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The New Dinar Account ( is a new site owned by Marshall Donnerbauer who is also the owner of, one of the first companies to trade dinars on-line. It is a site that offers a number of interesting options of investing in the dinar in a way that's quite unique. It's not so much the different options that make it unusual but it's the fact that they are all integrated under one process and supported by one business.

This process makes it easy for customers to take investing in the dinar into different levels. These levels depend on how serious the customers are about investing in the dinar. If they want to buy or sell dinars, become affiliates or EVEN become dinar fund managers the New Dinar Account might be worth exploring.

Below is a discussion on the options offered by the New Dinar Account. Please note that options 2 and 3 are only for those who are looking for ways to trade dinars as a business and make profit before and after the New Iraqi Dinar goes up in value.

Option 1 - Open Bank Account. New Dinar Bank Account helps you set up a dinar bank account at a pre-selected bank in Jordan (selected by a group of large dinar dealers). To open your account you will be charged a fee of 97 US$ (wow!) unless you order 1 million dinars, in which case the fee is waived. Since you are dealing with a bank the dinars you buy will be at exchange rates (i.e. cheaper than buying from dealers). Your account will be accessible on-line 24 hours a day.

So, would you pick this option over opening an account for free with let's say, the Warka Bank in Iraq? How about choosing one of the other international banks? There are many ways to do this, however doing it with or without

someone's guidance and support can make all the difference.

Opening Bank Account in Dinars

Dinar Bank Accounts in Iraq

Option 2 - Become a dealer. New Dinar Account gives you the option to become a dinar dealer and be fully supported and coached by Marshall himself. The company sells "dealer", "master dealer" and "platinum dealer" rights for a fee of $270 and $470 and $770 accordingly. "Master dealer" rights simply allows you to sell dealer rights to your customers and make additional income. The "Platinum dealer" rights gives you the right to sell "dealer" and "master dealer" rights through your own website provided by New Dinar Bank Account.

There are a few other companies on the net that sell dinar dealer rights. What they really sell is information on how to become a dealer putting you in touch with the right people such as dinar suppliers who are trustworthy and safe to do business with. As Marshall has been in the dinar business for a long time, his guidance and contacts maybe worth it.

Option 3 - Become a Fund Manager. This is the last and most expensive option as it is meant to make you even greater profit now and once the dinar rises in value. New Dinar Account charges you $1770 allowing you to have your own customers who open up their accounts in the specific bank under you. You will then manage their funds and once the dinar increases in value you will receive 10% of that increase. You'll also get the benefits of the dinar Dealer, Master Dealer and Platinum Dealer to help you make profits through sales. Once again Marshall will be supporting you through the set up of this process.

Becoming a fund manager is for those who are very serious not only about investing in the dinar but are also looking to make a serious business out of it. For this, one has to accept all the risks and keep very optimistic about the situation in Iraq and how it could change in the future. Without this there is no reason for getting involved.

So, why would you need someone's help to invest in dinars? Anyone can make a dinar bank account and learn about how to become a dinar dealer. But how easy is it? How long until you find the right bank and/or reputable dinar suppliers to avoid facing the risk of being a victim of fraud?

Dinar trading is a really hot business right now which makes it easy for counterfeiters and dishonest dinar traders to take advantage of those who lack the experience and knowledge on how to safely invest in the new iraqi dinar. This website is here to discuss how to safely invest in the dinar should you find this opportunity suitable for you. I therefore recommend for you to take a look at what options are out there. However, always be careful and use your own judgement rather than be persuaded by talented marketers who may not give you what is best for you.

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New Dinar Account by Marshall Donnerbauer

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Signing up for a Paypal account will also give you the chance to earn commissions through refering more customers who sign up for some of the Paypal services.

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